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Floortime Therapy is a therapy that is done by using the child’s weaknesses and strengths. This therapy focuses in the child’s interest in using a few games that the child favors most. This therapy can also help parents in dealing with a child daily, especially for parents who are dealing with autistic child. Interactions between child and parents are extremely crucial in bettering the child’s improvement. Professionals who are handling this therapy have been certified with DIR/Floortime Certificate from USA.

Social skill Training is a training that is given to an individual with difficulties in their social interactions. Professionals who are experience with this training may give the training individually or in groups. This training will be useful for children, adult, young adult with difficulties in socializing, like autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, mental retardation, down syndrome, etc.

Music Therapy is a therapy that is given by using various musical instruments with the purpose in bettering emotional state, mental state, communications, concentrations, and motor skills of an individual. This therapy also uses assessment before hand to gain better understanding in observing of the individual’s conditions and how they improve in about 6 months of therapy.

Speech Therapy is a therapy that is given to a child with difficulties in speaking. This therapy is given individually. This therapy will help the child’s articulations and bettering the child’s language expression and receptive.

Occupation Therapy is a therapy to train one’s daily activity and routines that conclude physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and perceptual sensory. This therapy is very useful for a child with growth disorder. This therapy will help the child to function accordingly in his/her daily basis, for example: using a fork and knife.

Therapeutic Listening is therapy tool that is given to a person with difficulties in their sensory process, hearing, attention, concentration, and communication. Results that the test will provide are:

  • To increase the ability to focus.
  • Better mood.
  • Good energy level.
  • Bettering tolerant level in hearing for those with sensitive reaction towards specific noises/sounds,                                                                                                         for example: crowd, thunder, fireworks etc.
  • Better sleep schedule.
  • Better handwriting.
  • Decrease tantrum.
  • Decrease anxiety.
  • Better sense of regulation.

Assessments will be given before starting this therapy in order to understand the sensory process of the child. After 4 months of therapy, assessment will be given yet again to observe the child’s sensory process improvement.

BIOFEEDBACK / NEUROFEEDBACK Therapy is a therapy where the child has to get use to a new behavior in their study based on a principle theory in study (stimulus-respond-strengthener-getting use to). This therapy is done by recording the autonomy of brain function (respiration, heart beat, blood pressure, body temperature) or the brain electric frequency (delta, theta, alpha, beta) as the feedback for client to receive relaxation, increasing ability to concentrate, better sleeping habit, better blood flow, better mental state activity.

Child Developmental Therapy is a therapy or intervention to optimize a child’s developmental by fulfilling all the needs for it to development, which include behavior, communication, social, and academic aspects. Therapist will lead the child’s way, rapport, and build trust, so the child will enjoy the therapy session in an hour or more.

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