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Test your child now

Guidelines to early detection in child’s growth

1. Compare your child’s overall behavior to other kids with the same age in his or her surroundings ( around families or in school ), does your child :

  • Often pull away from the crowd or does not interact well with other kids
  • Appear to be over active in comparison to other child to the point of disturbance
  • Cannot write as well as other kids in his or her age
  • Cannot count as well as other kids in his or her age
  • Cannot speak as clear as other kids, stutters, and often repeats his or her words when being asked a question
  • Become one who causes disturbance in class
  • Slow in grasping an understanding in his or her study n comparison to other kids in his or her class

2. Pay attention to your child’s behavior, is he or he :

  • Sering tertawa “cekikikan” sendiri yang tidak sesuai dengan situasinya
  • Doesn’t make eye contact with you.
  • Seems not to feel any pain
  • Often plays a “weird”game
  • Likes or have a very close bond with a toy or an object in an unusual manner
  • Dislike changes and variety, tends to like routines and monotonous activities with the same situations. Often make an object stay in the same position for a period of time
  • Don’t like to be held or picked up
  • Don’t respond to cues and words like others
  • Don’t fear danger
  • Give a frantic reactions for no reason


Does your child have a Hyper-technique / ADHD?

1.  Cannot focus :

  • Often loses focus too easily
  • Have short attention
  • Slow in finishing a task

2. Hyperactive and impulsiveness :

  • Too active; can’t stay still
  • Likes to run around in places and situations that are not appropriate to do so
  • Often bothers other kids in class
  • Cannot sit still
  • Have a difficulty in waiting in line or waiting for his or her turn


If the things above are behaviors that your child possessed, we advice you to consult your child with us. We provide professionals whose work in specific areas and focuses on the field their in. They work with your child’s difficulties so that your child will be able to boost his or her achievements.