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SMARTKID/KPAKB provides learning and playing facilities for kids as young as 2,5 years old. These facilities will help your child stimulate his/her optimal potential as early as possible and maintain growth also strengthening it.

SMART PLAY concludes playing and training integration in motor sensory (stimuli of sensory integration). Through playing, a child will learn to recognize shape, colors, numbers, symbols etc. They are being trained to solve problems, creativity training, training in logic and critic as well as increasing their curiosity level. Child will be able to express him/herself and use all their energy.

For your child’s optimal growth, we have tools in which can act as a stimulus for muscles, variant in movements, balance improvements and stability in body positioning. Our facilities also will help your child in bettering their feel sensation with vibration, pressure and motor. Jumping on a trampoline, bed mattresses, bouncing on partially inflated therapy ball and bubble ball bath are some of stimulus your child will use in optimizing his/her growth.

We provide tools to increase bilateral coordination, bettering a child’s balance, bettering a child’s senses, bettering a child’s movement coordinately by using tools such as swing, balancing board, climbing board, etc.

If you want to optimize your child’s growth potential as early as possible with our method, you may contact us: