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Biofeedback Therapy is a therapy based on getting used to. This therapy aims to normalize the autonomy nervous system (simpatis – parasimpatis ) with relaxation, so that it can reach a good balance in relation to the brain – thoughts- heart/ other organs.This therapy is very useful for those who suffers anxiety, paranoid / continuous intensity, panic, cardiac neurosis, therapy which practice relaxation in cardiac arrest.


Neurofeedback Therapy is a biofeedback therapy with a recording frequency electric of the brain (EEG-Biofeedback). His therapy is the activity practice of neuron placement in the brain.This therapy uses a bait to pull back the brain electric frequency activity ( delta frequency, theta, Alfa, beta, and gamma ) or neuromodular exercises therapy. This therapy is very useful for those who suffers from ADHD, difficulties studying, anxiety problems, depression with anxiety, sleeping disorder / insomnia, autism, epilepsy, headache (tension headache), bettering performance ( concentration).


TOVA is a Test of Variables of Attention, which include neuropsychology examination to analyze concentration. This examination is done for those suffering from ADHD, difficulties in study and for evaluation of ADHD treatment.


P300 is a neurocognitive evaluation with a brain electric frequency recording when the patient is doing a task (task related). This evaluation will determine the condition of the electric activity in the brain which is related in cognitive function. This evaluation is done for those with ADHD, dyslexia, and Napza abusers.