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Guidelines to early detection in child’s growth 1. Compare your child’s overall behavior to other kids with the same age in his or her surroundings ( around families or in school ), does your child : Often pull away from the crowd or does not interact well with other kids Appear to be over active…

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Our specialists

He was born in the city of Magelang. He finished his medical degree in Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) year 1976 in psychology and consultant child psychology / young adolescent in Universitas Indonesia (UI) medical faculty in year 1983, 1985. He also finished his doctorate in Pasca Sarjana Program UGM (2004) in Medical Clinic. He also…

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Our equipments

Biofeedback Therapy is a therapy based on getting used to. This therapy aims to normalize the autonomy nervous system (simpatis – parasimpatis ) with relaxation, so that it can reach a good balance in relation to the brain – thoughts- heart/ other organs.This therapy is very useful for those who suffers anxiety, paranoid / continuous…

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