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Apakah itu THERAPLAY? Sebuah terapi yang membantu orang tua memiliki hubungan yang lebih baik lagi dengan anak melalui bermain. THERAPLAY, dibuat khusus untuk meningkatkan kualitas hubungan dan interaksi antara orang tua dan anak, sehingga menciptakan suasana keluarga yang lebih bahagia. Orang tua dapat dapat menciptakan suasana yang lebih hangat dan meningkatkan kedekatan emosi pada anak-anaknya….

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Early Detection

EARLY DETECTION Is an examination that is done to observe or recognize any disorder in development or behavior of a child in his/her early age (preschool age).
Early detection will detect autism, emotional problems, speech problems, ADHD, difficulties in focusing in school.
This examination has a very important purpose of early treatment intervention (therapy) for the child…

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TOVA test is an examination of concentration (cognitive function) for a child and adult by grading his/her reaction and accuracy towards stimulus (task relevant stimuli). This test is done for conditions such as: ADHD, Difficulties in Study, Memory Problem, Concentration Difficulty, and Uncontrollable behavior. Brain Mapping Test is an examination that is done quantitatively by…

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Floortime Therapy is a therapy that is done by using the child’s weaknesses and strengths. This therapy focuses in the child’s interest in using a few games that the child favors most. This therapy can also help parents in dealing with a child daily, especially for parents who are dealing with autistic child. Interactions between…

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