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TOVA test is an examination of concentration (cognitive function) for a child and adult by grading his/her reaction and accuracy towards stimulus (task relevant stimuli). This test is done for conditions such as: ADHD, Difficulties in Study, Memory Problem, Concentration Difficulty, and Uncontrollable behavior.

Brain Mapping Test is an examination that is done quantitatively by recording the brain electric frequency of a child as well as adult. After that, the examiner will analyze each type of the brain frequency (delta, theta, alpha, and beta frequency) to observe the brain ability and disability (such as: troubles in concentrating, troubles in falling asleep, sleepiness problems, uncontrollable behavior, as well as emotional, anxiety problems all the way to growth delay, drug addiction, alcohol addiction).

School Admission Test is a test to determine a child’s ability to enter an elementary school. This test can measure speech and language development, visual discrimination (which is the basic for reading and writing), basic ability to count, and fine motor ability

Sensory Profile Ability Test is a measuring tool that can determine a child’s strengths and weaknesses by using the child’s sensory process.

Knowing a child’s strengths and weaknesses will make it easier for parents to provide their child’s need accordingly. Providing the child’s need accordingly will speed up and increase the child’s growth and performance by combining the connection between a stimulus given and the sensory system.

IQ TEST is a test that is done to find out the intellectual capacity of a person. This test can measure up the ability of a person in solving a problem, understanding a concept, having a broad knowledge, ability to analyze a situation, ability to recognize shape and strength. This test may be given to anyone age 4 and above. Smartkid Clinic has the experience in testing kids with special needs. IQ observations will provide us with a person leading ability / interest (what the person may do best) and vice versa. This observation will help us maximize a person ability and performance.

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